Made for GMTK Game Jam 2020!

Professor Numbers is here to teach you about counting! Click the number to make it go up! Surely there's no way this could spiral out of control...right?

Play it here also:

Art, Writing, & Sound Editing: Tony Wojnar

Code: Michael Wojnar, Sean Stewart


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locks up on load: webGL report

Texture.frame missing: 2
get @ bundle.js:622
getFrame @ bundle.js:1419
getFrames @ bundle.js:502
initialize @ bundle.js:502
create @ bundle.js:1029
fromJSON @ bundle.js:1029
onLoadComplete @ bundle.js:5364
l.emit @ bundle.js:36
loadComplete @ bundle.js:5502
fileProcessComplete @ bundle.js:5502
onProcessComplete @ bundle.js:91
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:1825