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Crashes on Mac on launch


I want it on my phone!!!!!


This is actually amazing!

Great job, I hope Mark mentions it in his GameJam video


Thanks! He took a liking to it on stream, so we're hoping for the best

Great fun, really good mechanics.

The firing-to-move feels a bit weird sometimes because the arrow doesn't immediately align with the mouse direction and distance, but it's still really well done.

One of the better games in the jam I think :)

I had a lot of fun playing this!

Hey! Just checking, did you tick the Windows option on the game description? The app thinks it's not available on WIndows, so doesnt give me a handy play link. Just FYI as it caught me out earlier :)

Oh! I had trouble noticing it! Thanks for helping me out there!

Very fun game! I liked the mechanics, and enjoyed the curve-balls that the game threw at me in terms of challenges. Very well done!

Popped quite a few astronauts in outer space.. oops.

Oh, wow! Thanks Lumpy for trying it out! Glad you had a fun time!